December 10, 2017

About my work

My paintings focus on themes of nature, sociology, struggle, enchantment and our place as humans in the world and the universe. I move between the personal and the universal and between a state of deep, empathetic caring and one of stark, objective analysis. My work is seldom about myself in a visceral way, but it is very much a depiction of the thoughts and feelings that drive and define me.

For many years now, I have worked almost entirely in the digital medium. All of the works below are digital paintings. I also have an extensive body of traditional media work in oil, chalk pastel, charcoal and graphite, and my work in those mediums greatly affects the way I work digitally.

For other types of work (traditional fine art, illustration, concept art, photography, 3d art), please see the art section further down the main page.

For more recent work, please visit my art blog at! Please contact me if you are interested in displaying or selling any of my work.