Blue Cone Studios

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated, but one new huge part of my life in the last year has been becoming part of Blue Cone Studios. It’s an amazing community studio in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. We have multiple artists in residence from an amazingly diverse community. I was working out of the studio for a bit, but now am more focused on it as a pivotal community resource. Carolyn Hitt is the founder of the studio and an amazing human being who puts her heart and soul into the community. Before the pandemic, we were hosting a community art night every Tuesday night where art supplies, snack and amazing community connection were provided. All of the members of Blue Cone are incredible humans who are fighting hard to support those most impacted by the gentrification of the city and provide a nurturing, supportive and transformative foundation for arts and culture in Seattle. It’s a critical anchor and doing SO MUCH. Check it out and support!